First Post & Welcome!

9/20/20221 min read

Why am I publishing this content?

I spent over a decade in the non-profit space focusing on coaching, and growing individuals. In doing this I found that I myself was growing and in order to continue to help those that I served I needed to have a voracious appetite for learning. At the time everyone spoke about this concept of Servant Leadership but when it seemed to be put in practice it fell incredibly short from the selfless ambition that was typically posed. So why is one of the most important and written about topics in the world so hard to learn? Well it never looks the same, it's always changing, new problems are arising, and with the boom of technology information both good and bad is readily available. My hopes in writing this content is to share things that I not only found valuable but also to bring to light anti-patterns, concepts/ideas new and old in the hopes that this reach will not exceed my grasp.